Let businesses have smoking rooms

Question:How can Canada become the best country in attracting and developing talent?
on 10/08/2016







19 plus businesses used to allow smoking inside. This not only minimized exposure to smoke while walking down the street (cancer rates are up and I don't wonder why) but it allowed Canadians with allergies or an aversion to steer clear of those spaces. Smokers were treated like human beings. No-one has quit smoking, they have just rebelled against being treated like undesirables by filling every public space with huge amounts of noxious smoke. Mushroom clouds of marijuana over every event are also huge. If we're going to legalize marijuana and keep 19 plus smoking legal, we need to provide spaces where 1. People can smoke in peace and 2. Non-smokers know which places to avoid. This would make Canada great for everyone. Marijuana should also be legal but NOT in the smoked form so polite marijuana users can buy teas or baked goods, but the ones trying to blow it in children's faces would still be committing a crime. 

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