Goods Transportation via Shareable, Intelligent, Automated, Electric Semi-Trucks

Question:Which market-based approaches encourage adoption of clean technologies?
on 10/06/2016







A network of Transport Vehicles, that can drive themselves, run on Electricity, are available, for anyone, to rent/borrow/use, and can co-ordinate getting Goods from one place to another.With limitations on Batteries at the moment, these Vehicles rely on multiple Stations/Warehouses along their Routes, which can Swap Batteries, Charge the Vehicle, or setup another Vehicle to pick up the Load and continue on with it, towards its destination.Local Truckers can Drop-off or Pick-up Trailers from the Stations, and the Company they work for has Rented the Transport of the Trailers, via this Network, which is owned by Canada, to keep the Air Clean, and our Citizens Safe.

Companies can Plan Transportation of Trailers/Goods easily on the Website, by App, or by Phone, etc. They can Save Money by using this Service, and afford to Pay their Employees more, and contribute to the Income of Canada, which is passed onto Citizens in need, opportunities for Growth and Change, and extra surplus goes towards Healing the World.

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