Minimize paper tax returns by seniors

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on 10/04/2016







When working as Order of Attachments clerk, I've noticed a lot of paper returns are being sent by retired people who only send 1 or 2 T forms and maybe have some charitable deductions and medical receipts. Why not have some help for them to submit their returns online? There could be a very easy CRA web interface for seniors and there should be a lot more push for paperless returns from CRA. The seniors like to staple, tape or glue their T forms separately and it takes a lot of time to detach all forms and put them in a correct order by the clerks. There are also incorrect instructions on T4A OAS form on attaching a copy to each federal and provincial return. A lot of paper would be saved by making it easier for seniors to do their returns online and a lot of clerk man-hours spent could be eliminated.

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