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AukSun Consultants Ltd. is incorporated in Canada and UK, and registered in Pakistan. AukSun has grouped together multilingual promoters and developed an online e-schooling systemAukSunLMS ( ). We are seeking funds from funding institutions to operate AukSunLMS and build capacity to go global.We provide innovative affordable lifelong learning for everyone anywhere anytime. A working model is ready; comprising; clients, courses, learners, website, iOS App, advertising and CRM-templates. In our collaborative learning system, clients are; institutions, corporates and teachers who use dedicated web pages to teach their pupils in a customised and managed way. We facilitate and train our clients; and market and advertise their courses. We provide relevant ready-made courses to help our clients to jump start or upgrade.

We earn through subscribing students and this income is shared with respective institutes and teachers. We also earn from corporations according to the pricing plan they select. Corporations save significantly in their training budgets by adopting our methods.Subscribers learn at their own pace, from home/office on laptops/smartphones. Considering our volume-based business; prices are significantly lower than traditional schooling/tutoring.Collaborated business model is an innovative way to reduce entry barriers and enrol large groups of end users. Instead of competing traditional institutions, we facilitate them to provide better services to their learners. A win-win-win for AukSunLMS-institution-learner.

Benefits of eLearning are unmatched to traditional teaching methods. Learners benefit from AukSunLMS as a supplement (or replacement) to  traditional learning; saves time, cost and effort. Courses are available 24/7/365. Course quality is enhanced using better material, technology and methods. Learning is managed, upgraded, based on learning behavior. AukSunLMS imparts education through voiceover  presentations, videos and tests online. It manages progress, connects learners to educators, employers, funders and other sources. Seamless integration across all user-devises is provided to learners. A Certificate of completion is auto-emailed to the recipients.Major Expenses Our one-time cost and lower recurring cost makes it an ideal investment with significant ROI from Yr-2. AukSunLMS requires  $110,500 to operate. Funds are required to develop and expand globally through interactive website, learning management system, email  campaigns, courses and personnel. We will develop/buy quality educational courses as one-time purchase or percentage revenue sharing basis from prominent developers and teachers around the world. As cost is recovered, further distribution of courses will bear less cost. Hence we can mass market courses at a fraction of traditional competition (school fees, tuition fee etc.).Socio-Economic Aspect Millions of children/grown-ups around the world cannot afford quality education. Their talent remains undiscovered. AukSunLMS can teach/train them for as low as $10 per year. We will introduce an ‘Each-one-Teach-one’ program, wherein our Corporate and affluent clients/subscribers can contribute. (see

Sale Process We train Regional Representatives and Self Employed Teams (SET) for our sales. SETs will engage clients and train them to use AukSunLMS features; making and uploading courses, teaching pupilage through their webpage/s. SETs will earn through subscription of clients’ pupilage. ( ). Additionally, we send bulk emails and invite people to Visitors are directed to Children education, Professional Development or Corporate staff training pages showing catalogued courses. Subscribers are taken to the payment page and added to subscription lists for future follow-up (mailchimp).Website is being improved for interactivity. We’ve collaborated with Yahoo (small business enterprise), Google (cloud for work, analytics, sites), Mail Chimp (email campaigns, lists automation), MSOffice, Acrobat, Vidyo, YouTube, Fiver, Online banking, facebook, Paypal, Mobify, SlideShare, Picktochart, WordPress, Shopify,, PopMyAds, etc.Course Design; designed for the digital era; replacing blackboards using best mobile technology/apps (TIN/SCORM) to create courses, focusing long-term learning. We procure pre-developed quality course material from Canada, UK, U.S. and Australia etc. These are then customized, made interactive and uploaded for sale. (See catalog on Additionally AukSunLMS develops courses through collaboration with schools and their teachers, and other teachers worldwide ( ). We continuously add courses for everyone’s use anywhere in the world; according to curricula, user-level, teacher preference, student requirements, etc.Services-        Customized web-portals for Institutions Corporations and Teachers (their ambiance, logos, color) giving edge over competition.-        Hands-on / online Training for clients to use AukSunLMS’s learning management.  - So they are up and running in no time.-        Making Courses (videos, voice-over presentations, quizzes, tests, automated emailing system, discussion boards, customized certificates)-        Training clients’ customers (children, parents, professionals, staff) - So the clients feel we are partners to their cause.-        MBTI analyzed learning behavior patterns - to identify ideal methodology for intended learners (introvert/extrovert preferences)-        Connecting independent learners with recruiters and corporations for jobs, Connecting entrepreneurs with funders


-        CPD for professionals (Finance, HR, Law).-        High gain, pre-made courses (to add value on client’s portals)-        Courses for independent learners-        Paper version courses (for people without internet access)-        Individualized unlimited cloud space to upload teaching material-        Discussion boards-        Motion detection cameras, Overhead projectors, seamless  uploading/streaming software for lectures or seminars.S.W.O.T Analysis-        Strengths: multicultural multilingual promoters - going global is  doable (Canada, UK, Dubai, India, Pakistan etc.)-        Weakness: Volume of subscribers needed to realize gains, hence  the low-price strategy. Internet availability-        Opportunity: People turning to smart-phones and eCommerce.  Rising cost of education-        Threats: Players with better financial muscle moving in first   (Tata, Coursera, Khan Academy) – get the early bird advantage.

Complete Business Plan, modus-operandi, financial forecasts, annexure, access to learning management courses can be provided (email your request to; ).

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Dear Azeem, 

I have gone through with your website and your brilliant idea. I wish this idea could implememt to upbring the educational needs of every age and community. Life long learning is great utility continentally. I am sure that Auksun eSchool will geow to best heights of facilitation of good quality education all around world.




Jawaid Husssain

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