Make it easier for talented international students and researchers to come to and stay in Canada

Question:How can Canada become the best country in attracting and developing talent?
on 09/28/2016







With an aging population, Canada’s innovation performance will depend heavily on the country’s ability to attract and retain talented people from around the world. Universities across Canada, and particularly Memorial University, are a gateway to Canada for many bright, talented young people, and it will be imperative that many of these international students are encouraged to stay in Canada to live and work following graduation.

Canada should adopt immigration policies that make Canada a destination of choice for top talent from around the world, and include pathways to permanent residency and citizenship for top students and researchers.

Credit: Memorial University of Newfoundland

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J B by J B

Wrong! We need to substantially decrease immigration, foreign workers, and internal mobility workers, as well as foreign students, and and decrease foreign investors in real estate and in acquisitions of Canadian companies.

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Mark Daugela by Anonymous

SR&ED.  The largest incentives for innovation is SR&ED (which provides ~ $4 Billion in incentives per year).  However many entrepreneurs are not aware that they don;t need to pre-qualify to claim  it.  Considering that Revenue Canada administers the program,and help those who are aware enough to ask...  more people are aware of IRAP because IRAP has budget to go and promote awareness.  I'd like to see that all new companies get a "ping" that SRED information is available online or through accountants.  It could be included in notices of tax assessments automatically in a footer comment... the big companies use it but it's the small start up companies that don't have a clue they may already have developed an improved product/process and  need to fill out other forms (i.e. T661) to get ~65% of the labour costs refunded back as cash if they meet  the criteria of making a technological advance.  Instead the tax form don't help grow awareness for those who need it the most!

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