Attracting Global Mining Talent to Canada and Developing Canadian Mining Talent

Question:How can Canada become the best country in attracting and developing talent?
on 09/23/2016







The global prediction is that there will be a skills shortage in mining. Soon, mining talent will become difficult to come by as a majority of skilled workers are earmarked for retirement. Attracting global mining talent to Canada is going to become difficult. Part of the challenge is also going to be exacerbated by a requirement to retain workers in Canada that may be attracted to other regions of the world. Therefore, Canada can attract and develop talent by:

  1. Streamlining the immigration of HQP with mining expertise e.g.: longer student visas.
  2. Support mining-based communities to provide much greater support to the families of newly-arrived employees.
  3. Provide the necessary level of support to improve the internet connectivity in smaller and more remote mining-based communities
  4. Support the expansion of mining innovation centre’s to attract world leading experts.
  5. Demonstrating that Canada invests sizeable funds in mining innovation as this opens the door to academics, businesses and innovators to pursue setting up a home base in Canada.

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