Leadership in Mining Social Entrepreneurship

Question:What more can be done to cement Canada's place as a leader in social entrepreneurship?
on 09/23/2016







  1. Governments should expect a tangible financial return on their program investments that target the development, implementation and commercialization of innovation.

ie: Ten percent (10%) of Federal Government program investments should include a measured financial return on these investments beyond numbers of jobs and economic impact. If the Government invests $15,000,000 through the Centres of Excellence for the Commercialization of Research (NCE-CECR) program, there should be a $1,500,000 returned over a five year period to the Federal Government as an initial investor.

  1. Create new programs focused on funding the acceleration of mining innovation through to commercial success.
  2. Create a reward system for companies that solve major environmental challenges in the resource industries.
Credit: Centre for Excellence In Mining Innovation, CEMI

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