What technologies can we develop to end global warming?

Question:Which market-based approaches encourage adoption of clean technologies?
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I invented a new method pf transport that can help with global warming and many other aspects. We need to get bombardier to develop this train of the futur: 1-Imagine we come up witu a cheap, strong and easy to mold polymee and with it we build a veru long tunnel that is not underground but simply on the ground. 2-This tunnel is completely sealed. 3-we remove all the air in it to obtain a vacuum. 4- we put magnetic levitation rails in it from one end to the other. 5. We insert in it a magnetic levitiation train that fits perfectly in it and its engine is electric and supraconducting 6. Result: The train of the futur. We have completely eliminated all source of friction hence all energy we govie will be used to move forward and it could ideally go on forever. The most awesome part is we can accelerate the train at amazing speeds (10% of the speed of light) Why can we do this? We just created space on earth. We could ship cargo from the west coast to the east coeast in minutes. Thay is the futur. One day we will have these tinnels all around the world and crossing the oveans. You will be able to meet someone on the internet in china and be there 1 hour later. It would reduce our dependense on fossil fuel drastically. We could be a model for the world. Can we just build one between montreal and ottawa for now. We can even ise this principle in a circular tunnel and acceleraye payload so fast that we can launch it in space and that solves the issue with building spaceship. Forget fuels rockets and wscaping gravity. We build the ship in space. We slingshotmany many smal payload from earth to space station ( using electricity) and nuild there. We decoupled the gravitty escape mechamism from the vessel itself amd its clean. X prizes are a joke. It kind like a super collider without the colliding. We have the academic infrastructure but our intellectual's is currently wasted once in the workplace.

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samson lawrence by samson lawrence

My idea is of reducing mining for ores.

If used material were used for mining the elements in it, it could be economical and could stop the hollowing of the crust just under the top soil. There is a serious danger hidden here that could bring down cities once accidentally a fault line is hit or a weak line of soluble salts is hit. 

The other benefit of stopping mining is the reduction in pollution.

Another thing that needs to be done urgently is the collecting of plastic and recycling it. cleansing the oceans of plastic can become a new profession. It can lead to many innovations. - Plastic out of the way - can be a catchy slogan for this.

Much can be done if people really care to be responsible. Greed is one reason why people recklessly hurt nature. Greed itself can become the solution if they get benefits of cleaning up. It is big business that seems to have missed the notice of the industry.

Here a problem's solution is big business 


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