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Question:Which market-based approaches encourage adoption of clean technologies?
on 09/21/2016







Indigenous people look at water as life-they need to be involved in the research for water pollution cleaning methods. There are many non-indigenous approaches to clean water solutions but involving traditional methods will bring communities together and provide employment opportunities within reserves.


Credit: Indigenous Roundtable hosted by MP Don Rusnak

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Cristy Thiessen by Cristy Thiessen

Water is life no matter who you are, its important to everyone.

Including indigenous people in all areas of government decisions is a good idea, many view points can often find solutions to problems easier. The conservation authorities have a plan in place and an act, BUT lake erie is still being affected by farming practices and is very unhealthy probably to the point of no return. Also are the waterways monitored properly and fines handed out? Perhaps not where big business is concerned because it would mean loosing income from resource exploitation. We need to decide which is a priority.  Any new input, approaches or technology that can help make our waterways healthy is important.  

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Jean-Pierre Charron by Jean-Pierre Charron

There is no doubt that our waterways are being damaged by one of the biggest contributors of pollution which is stormwater runoff.  We live in a society that is more concerned about esthetics versus what we are doing to our planet.  For the most part stormwater runoff is an out of sight, out of mind issue.  In other words, after heavy rain, our streets and parking lots that are sealed serve as a conduit to get the water down a pipe taking along all of the pollutants to our water streams.  Because we do not see the effects caused by the disappearing runoff, the majority have no idea the effects it has on our ecosystem.  

We need to start enforcing permeable surfaces and unsealing surfaces to allow water to permeate back in to the ground.  Let mother nature do what mother nature does best.  

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