Buying Local = Local Jobs

Question:How can we increase demand for science, technology, engineering and math graduates?
on 06/28/2016







Much of the technology used by the government and industry is developed and produced abroad, a system of procurement that 1. boosts the science and tech industries of foreign countries, and 2. enforces the Canadian brain drain as educated individuals find more fulfilling/higher paying jobs elsewhere.

Additionally, much of the science and tech industry in Canada is foreign owned, with Canadians gaining jobs, but profits going out of the country, along with knowledge and rights gained from R&D.  Often, a Canadian company will rise up, only to be purchased by someone across the border.

We, as a country, must build, maintain, and protect our own industry.  If more Canadian products are purchased, production cost per item will reduce, making our products more competitive globally (than they currently are).  As Canadian industry grows, more jobs will be needed, more money will be spent on our own R&D, and more profits will be kept within the country.

We can't keep looking for foreign investors to create jobs for us, we must do it ourselves.


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