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Question:How can we increase demand for science, technology, engineering and math graduates?
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Every Idea requires proof. Each hypothesis requires to be approved. Unfortunately, Canada is lacking the basic requirements for a company to innovate. All governmental support require an IP; however, to obtain an IP, you require rigorous testing. With current lack of jobs and time, young entrepreneurs have to reach out to angel investors. Angel investors will not look at your idea or business plan without an IP. This is a vicious cycle of business failure in Canada prior to their lunch. Thus, you have to have a rich family to establish a business in Canada; this is Inequality at work. This is why Ideas never come alive.

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Clarence Briand by Clarence Briand

Alsask Observatory Project Inc. (a not for profit corporation) is a typical example of start-up challenges. It proposes to re-purpose an abandoned RADAR dome into a Radio observatory with a 50 foot antenna inside the Dome. There are 5 universities within a 4 hour drive of the site and the potential to provide residential capacity for visiting scientists within the structure. We anticipate that renovations will cost approx. $4 million.

Our initial purpose is to provide a research facility for undergraduate astrophysics students and amateur astronomers.

The challenge is finding funding. All our resources have gone into purchasing the site. We need others who share our vision for this type of opportunity.

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