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Question:Which market-based approaches encourage adoption of clean technologies?
on 09/06/2016







A market-based approach that drives productivity growth and strives for improved efficiencies to attain a more sustainable competitive advantage at the national and international level can encourage the development and adoption of clean technologies.

Climate change and other major environmental issues introduce major uncertainties into the planet’s current and future capacity to produce food, feed, fibre, and fuel for the ever-growing population. The agricultural sector is particularly vulnerable to climate change and will need to adapt to changing patterns of precipitation, temperature and extreme weather events.

As the source of approximately 10-12 percent of the world’s total anthropogenic greenhouse gases (GHG), agriculture is a sector that can actively contribute to climate change mitigation efforts. Canada’s ability to meet climate change challenges depends on unique core investments in R&D and knowledge and technology transfer in the agricultural sector. Innovation policy will therefore play a crucial role in enhancing Canadas’s ability to adapt to climate change, while also contribution to other environmental goals.

Cutting-edge agricultural R&D and increased sustainable production practices may also ensure Canada maintains its place as a world leading exporter of agri-food products. Continuous technological progress in agriculture is thus a key driver of productivity growth.

Credit: Agricultural Institute of Canada

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