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Question:How can we increase demand for science, technology, engineering and math graduates?
on 09/06/2016







Innovation plays a crucial role in catalyzing economic growth and supporting job creation. Greater emphasis on R&D activities will demand both high quality science and human capital i.e. technology, engineering and math graduates.

Participatory research approaches bring valuable opportunities to engage science graduates in research projects and knowledge transfer (KT) activities on the ground. It can also help foster trust and relationships between researchers and end-users, and helps ensure research responds more effectively to end-users’ needs by developing technologies that can be adopted more widely. The inclusion of specialized staff for KT activities in innovation strategies, the integration of KT objectives into the mandates of key institutions and enhanced collaboration across the sector can enable the environment needed to both increase demand of S&T talent and implement new participatory research methods and enable effective knowledge transfer.

Credit: Agricultural Institute of Canada

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