Ensure Canada's youth are equipped with the right skills

Question:How do we work together to equip youth with the right skills for the future economy?
on 09/02/2016







Coding and the underlying computational thinking, critical thinking and problem solving skills are crucial components of innovation and entrepreneurship but these skills aren't being taught in school.  That needs to change. "

Canada's youth are the entrepreneurs and innovators of the future and critical to the Canadian economy. We need to ensure they are equipped with the skills they need to successfully start, grow and nurture the jobs of the future.  And, we need all youth to have equal access -- that includes young women and other historically underrepresented groups."

Melissa Sariffodeen, Co-Founder + CEO at Ladies Learning Code

Melissa Sariffodeen, Young Women: The Key to Unlocking #CDNInnovation, LadiesLearningCode.com. September 1 2016

Credit: Melissa Sariffodeen, LadiesLearningCode.com

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Christa Dickenson by Christa Dickenson

Coding K to 12 needs to be part of the curriculum.  It is simple table stakes at this point to spur innovation and for future growth of Canada's economy to compete globally.

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