Instead of funding startups, educate a startup work force

Question:How do we work together to equip youth with the right skills for the future economy?
on 09/02/2016







Canada's comparative advantage should rest in our education system, where we can educate the next generation of innovators. While other countries adapt to the changing landscape, our educators have remained complacent, looking to government to lead the way on innovation.”


“With more than two million students enrolled in Canadian postsecondary institutions every year, our university and college campuses have a far greater opportunity to spur innovation than any government program.”


“To compete, our graduates need skills formed in the latest technology programs, which means that universities and colleges need to update their course material and delivery.”

“ We should also subsidize the cost of postsecondary programs that are in highest demand by technology companies. We talk about the need for more engineers and more technical talent, while the price of these degrees is among the most expensive on our campuses. This logic would be dismissed by any student in first-year microeconomics.”

Jeffrey Doucet, Co-founder and chief executive officer of CareerJSM

 Instead of funding startups, educate a startup work force, Globe and Mail. September 2, 2016.

Credit: Jeffrey Doucet, Globe and Mail

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Steve Larter by Steve Larter

The punchline of Jeffrey Doucets's article could not be more timely-"Let’s ask our education system and our educators to step up and scale up".

With federal  reviews of both fundamental research and innovation ongoing, a revamp of our PSE system is indeed overdue. Research, teaching and innovation, overlap and are inextricably linked. While there have been some great successes, our dated system is currently ineffective in many areas, including innovation. Our universities and colleges are an important foundational element of our innovation system, but are configured currently, for a bygone age! That needs to change.

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