Canadian Federal Public Service Professionals: Ready for Action on Innovation

Question:How do we make best use of our science and research strengths?
on 09/02/2016







Canada's economy has been left wanting for innovation. Our declines in productivity and competitiveness have been widely reported on in recent years, and documented in numerous government and international reports. The recent change in government has provided a critical opportunity to reverse this trend. The Government of Canada has signalled that basic research and innovation will become a prime focus of the government’s agenda.

Canada's public service researchers and scientists are ready to contribute their talent and energy to making the government’s innovation agenda happen. With enlightened and progressive policies, federal scientists can fully and meaningfully engage in the nation's new innovation priorities. Over the last few decades, however, these same scientists have too often been sidelined, neglected, or otherwise overlooked. Canada needs to re-engage the force that has so often helped in the past to compel innovation into action and economic success for the country. (...)

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Credit: The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada

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Jean Berube by Jean Berube

Canadian government lab scientists are often perceived as "honest brokers" in the science world, and among the rare ones doing long term research as we have seen with the development of the Ebola vaccine.

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