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Question:How can colleges play a larger role in the innovation ecosystem?
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One way to encourage global excellence in science is to enable institutions to take a leadership role to solve widespread innovation gaps, and to do this by partnering whenever possibly with industry. George Brown College is a leader in Canadian Construction Management Education having the only internationally recognized construction management degree program in Canada. In addition, the Angelo DelZotto School of construction management has developed a significant capacity in BIM education and applied research, such as the recent award of a multi-year grant in Building Information Modeling.

BIM is a process that is radically impacting the construction industry worldwide. It enables businesses to envisage the construction of a facility virtually, prior to its actual physical construction, in order to identify problems, simulate challenges, analyze potential solutions, improve safety and decrease overall build costs. Utilizing BIM technology increases productivity by transforming existing levels of project interoperability, scalability, standardization and risk management and so significantly improving project management, decision-making and meeting deliverables and deadlines. This enables construction companies to realize major efficiencies at every stage of the building lifecycle from concept through to occupation.

The Canadian construction sector currently lags behind the rest of the world in research and adoption of BIM technology. Because of the additional business costs of BIM adoption, which include sizable investments in infrastructure, hardware, software and training, many SMEs will effectively be locked out of the competition for contracts that require BIM expertise.

George Brown College is at the forefront of undergraduate Construction Management education and BIM applied research in Canada. George Brown will support organizations in adopting BIM approaches and adapting BIM tools into their business models. The initiative will actively transfer BIM technology and processes to Ontario’s construction sector SMEs, increasing SME productivity and efficiency throughout the whole building lifecycle. This initiative will enable George Brown to take a leadership role and partner with industry to address the BIM innovation gap and catalyze economic development in the construction sector in Ontario.

Credit: George Brown College Research & Innovation

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