Question:How can we increase demand for science, technology, engineering and math graduates?
on 06/26/2016







The answer to this question may be the easiest to present but the most difficult to implement. Young women scientists make up the majority of biomedical research labs in research universities, hospitals and allied research institutes.

However the makeup of Canada’s most prestigious and expensive talent selection program, the Canadian Excellence Research Chairs has only a single woman scientist but 24 men. This is mainly due to the transfer of the selection process to host institutions. Enabling a federal peer review committee mad up equally of women and men and with a priority to select women may be the only way to address the trend of selecting men when the best talent is women.

Having a career trajectory that enables the most talented to thrive would in turn define the working conditions for talented women and may be an international niche in global excellence that would serve as a magnet to attract the most talented from outside Canada as well as within. Such a priority may be the most important to increase demand for STEM graduates.

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