Improving Our Research Capacity and Collaboration with Educational Institutions

Question:How do we make best use of our science and research strengths?
on 08/26/2016







  • Universities and hospitals sometimes claim too much ownership of a discovery and as such eliminate incentives on academics, researchers and others to innovate and come up with new idea because they feel like their ideas will not take off due to institutional bureaucracy.
  • Universities do not have the opportunities, nor the knowledge to take an idea from the lab and make it practical and execute. 
  • When it was announced by the GOC that they are funding 200 million dollars into accelerators and incubators - many people began creating ideas and not all of them are good. GOC should streamline all the efforts to create incubators and accelerators and centralize them, so that funding is not wasted over too many unsuccessful initiatives.
  • Incentivize big business to work with universities, and business-led research should not be classified as second class. 
  • Create a Biocluster in Canada, so that STEM students have opportunities for mentorship and learning.
Credit: Town Hall

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