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Question:How can Canada become the best country in attracting and developing talent?
on 06/26/2016







We could be encouraging innovative start-ups to use Canada as a base and reciprocally set up agreements with incubators for Canadian innovators with incubators/accelerators in other countries.

This is particularly important for start-up companies where the target market is outside Canada. The centers could even be public-private partnerships.

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Luc Lalande by Luc Lalande

Good idea, however, such agreements must be more than just photo-ops for politicians signing general purpose MOUs.  One partnership I think would have potential is the new 475,000 sq ft IoT/hardware innovation space in Kitchener-Waterloo (Catalyst137) partnering up with groups like HAX in Shenzhen and Bolt in Boston.  

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Christopher Bush by Christopher Bush

There are great opportunities for this in agriculture and food systems, combined with BioIndustrial centres (BIC), that can then link with JTI- Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering, and Praj - Matrix the Innovation Centre in Pune India. 

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