Innovation and talent acquisition can solve our growth dilemma

Question:How can Canada become the best country in attracting and developing talent?
on 08/26/2016







“Canada needs a robust national access-to-talent strategy. We should increase immigration. By 2025, 30 per cent of our population will be 60 and older - to mitigate this imbalance, Canada would need to increase immigration for each of the next five years to one million people. If we focus this intake on skilled newcomers between the ages of 20 and 39, it would shift our overall proportion of that band from 25 per cent to 32 per cent of the population.

Without such a strategy, Canada may face stark choices: tax increases, greater national debt or scaled-back social programs.”


“We must move from a passive intake system to one where we actively recruit more people who can succeed and help increase our capacity for innovation and productivity. This includes new science grads, skilled tradespeople and investors with capital.


“We could look at opportunities to fast-track visas for foreign workers, particularly for highly skilled jobs in the innovation sector.”


“We could fast-track foreign students educated in Canada for permanent residency, and target students at leading foreign educational institutions. For some industries, it may also be appropriate to look at reinstituting the temporary foreign worker visa.”


“We can also look at doing more within the North American freetrade agreement framework.”


John Ruffolo, Innovation and talent acquisition can solve our growth dilemma. Globe and Mail. August 18 2016

Credit: John Ruffolo, CEO, OMERS Ventures and vice-chair of the Council of Canadian Innovators

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Christa Dickenson by Christa Dickenson

Immigration reform is necessary to facilitate and expedite Temporary Foreign Workers to meet short term gaps as well as Long Term Skilled talent.


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J B by J B

Wrong! We need to substantially decrease immigration, foreign workers, and internal mobility workers, as well as foreign students, and and decrease foreign investors in real estate and in acquisitions of Canadian companies.

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