Winning in the New Economy: Seven Steps Toward a Canadian Digital Innovation Strategy

Question:How can Canada become the best country in attracting and developing talent?
on 06/25/2016







Summary of Discussion Paper:


Canada has done a good job investing and

nurturing the social and cultural conditions

(the Canadian multicultural brand) that make

it an attractive “place” to live and work. We

need to further leverage this advantage to retain

and attract talent - key to our ability to drive

and grow our digital economy, especially in

Information Communication and Technology

and other creative-class sectors.


We have the talent and multicultural base to

develop global content for billions of people and,

as such, create a multitude of revenue streams

from technology, platforms and content. We

need government and industry to align behind

a unified, national digital innovation strategy to

support Canada’s digital transformation. Such a

strategy must recognize the need to do much

more to support entrepreneurs, innovators, creators

and risk takers.

Achieving this ambitious but necessary goal will require

wide-scope collaboration among government, the

private sector and academia.

This discussion paper is intended to continue the

broad conversation as we move toward a national,

digital innovation strategy. My comments and perspective

are constrained to areas of interest and knowledge

as a professional who has been immersed in the

digital world from a strategic planning, marketing,

technology and content perspective for more than

20 years. In short, I propose seven achievable steps

that the federal government, in collaboration with

others, can take now to realize our collective digital

innovation goals.

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