Connectivity, Networks & Collaborations

Question:How do we make best use of our science and research strengths?
on 08/25/2016







Connectivity, networks and collaborations were seen as key to capitalizing on scientific expertise and skill sets.

One recommendation identified in OBIO's report "How Canada Should be Engaging in a $9 Trillion Dollar Health Economy" ( industry CEOs indicated that for Canada to create an ecosystem for scientists to connect and compete with proposals for global participation.

Currently the Science Technology and Innovation Council (STIC) report states that within Canada the highest collaborations were in clinical medicine, biomedical research and biology. At the same time, figures presented in the section of the STIC Report on Knowledge Transfer suggest that 24% of Canadian university researchers’ publications were co-authored by at least one researcher from another sector but only 2.6% were co-authored by industry.

Canada’s higher education institutions were creating approximately 16 licenses per institution for every 35 created in the US and the value created by licenses from Canadian institutions was estimated at $2.2M versus $13.5 for US universities.

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