Colleges provide a unique learning experience for students.

Question:How can colleges play a larger role in the innovation ecosystem?
on 08/22/2016







There are more opportunities at the college-level (than there typically are at the university level) to engage in “real-world” projects as part of co-op placements, field practicums and capstone projects. To this end, colleges can ensure that they are aware, and taking advantage, of opportunities to funnel students through the local and regional innovation pipelines that already exist. In this way, students can leverage their classroom learning to make an impact on problems that are relevant and meaningful to their learning. This, in turn, will encourage them to move beyond the classroom and into the innovation ecosphere on their own. The Sheridan Centre for Elder Research supports and encourages students from over 25 programs to work in partnership with over 50 different community and industry partners on “real-world” challenges facing an aging population. Many of these partnerships result in innovative new products and services, and in some instances, new companies entering the Canadian entrepreneurial landscape.

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