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Question:How do we make best use of our science and research strengths?
on 08/04/2016







Canada already knows how to power cities without generating greenhouse gas. Quebec and Ontario are almost GHG free because of large scale hydro and nuclear power. Pursuing solar and wind technology is a positive direction, but not one that will make a substantial difference in the medium term. Building on current hydro-generation technology makes sense where further economic resources exist and will have a far larger benefit to society than wind and solar. Nuclear technology is currently in an early stage of deployment (Generation 2 or 3 according to the Generation IV International Forum in which Canada is a small participant). Current nuclear technology utilizes ~1% of the uranium mined. Generation IV technologies that access the other 99% of the uranium, have the potential to generate 1,000s of years of electricity for Canada without greenhouse gas and with drastically reduced waste streams. If left to market forces, the industry will pursue current technologies that will keep using the 1% of uranium reserves, and leave the 99% inaccessible. Government intervention is needed to help tap into the many centuries of clean energy that exists in Canada's natural resources of uranium.

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Zin Tun by Zin Tun

While I support Canada's participation in Generation IV reactor technologies, I believe one particular design we chose to work on is wrong - at least not a good fit to the expertise Canada has to offer.  Here, I am referring to the super-critical water reactor.  I think we should be working on the designs that do not involve pressurization of the primary circuit.

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Marinel Mihis by Marinel Mihis

What about we do research in an area not approached yet?

Transform all dis-activated coal fired power plant into a huge power storage house?

Would we stop screaming out the batteries are not lasting enough for E.V and focus on how E.V itself can become a power producer.

I could tell you more about that if interested.


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