Better Protect the Jobs of New Moms

Question:How can Canada become the best country in attracting and developing talent?
on 08/03/2016







We see and hear all too often, a new Mom taking their maternity leave and susequently losing their jobs. Whether due to a legitimate business decision, or not; I wonder if most Canadians know these folks aren't eligible for EI benefits once their leaves are over. As one of these individuals, I was let go mid way through my maternity leave and was forced to spend the remainder of my time on leave searching for work. Time spent not enjoying my new baby, not adjusting to life's new normal. Time spent endlessly searching online postings, revising cover letters, meeting with flaky recruiters and spending hours in interviews to no avail. Why ... Because I knew that at the end of leave, I would be without a job and without any earnings if I didn't find a new job in time. What a vulnerable position to put a family in that is already in a disadvantaged position. Why can't our government do more to help those affected by business decisions that needlessly hold back women in the professional world. Why can't we start a family knowing our job is safe for just 1 year? Why can't we trust that our replacement can't angle for our position in our absence? Why are we so often meant to choose between having a family and having a career? Please, let's address this systemic issue, lets protect our new Mom's, nurture them and take care of them while they take on the most important role in their lifetime. 

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