Toward humane research and science education

Question:How do we make best use of our science and research strengths?
on 08/03/2016







In May, 2009, Canada's Environmental Health Science and Research Bureau signed on to an international agreement intended to give impetus to the availability and implementation of scientifically proven alternatives to animal testing methods.  It was expected that alternatives would be more rapidly applied by the biomedical research and safety testing community.

Despite this, we see a consistent rise in the number of animals involved in research and testing in Canada each year, to a high of 3.7 million animals in 2014.  This is counter to the ICVAM agreement, contrary to sound, human-based approaches, and obverse to the increasing importance of technological breakthroughs and the realization of animal sentience.

It is time for Canada to fund only innovative, humane research if we are to remain in the forefront of worldwide scientific endeavour.

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