Better Access to Electronic Resources for Public Servants

Question:How do we make best use of our science and research strengths?
on 08/02/2016







Employees across many federal government departments and agencies have limited access to electronic resources that contain the most recent research and information available from around the world. It is confusing for many government employees that they are not able to access many of these databases, e-journals and e-books seeing as this information is regularly accessible to students through Canadian university libraries.  Having access to this information and incorporating it into the work we produce is critical to ensuring that the Government of Canada is capable of innovating.  A centralized library that maintains an electronic collection that is, at minimum, on par with what is offered by major research universities could bridge the existing gaps in information. This would not negate the need for individual departments and agencies to maintain their own (non-redundant) resources materials and reference librarians with subject-matter expertise that can support employees. 

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Nathalie Mousseau by Nathalie Mousseau
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As a librarian , I strongly support your suggestion. This is so important. Thank you for believing in the value of information and librarians.

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