Fund industry leaders to go to universities for sabbaticals

Question:How can colleges play a larger role in the innovation ecosystem?
on 08/01/2016







One of the biggest problems with universities is their disconnect from existing world problems. Academics can spend enormous resources to study or teach about issues that are marginally-relevant to existing social problems.

As one remedy, I propose that the federal government establish a fund for recognized members of the private sector to take sabbaticals at universities. The recipients would be expected to teach 1-2 courses, assist with research or prepare publications, an conduct seminars in their area of specialty. The resulting interactions are expected to foster an exchange of viewpoints and better understanding of relevant issues.

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Guillaume Cote by Guillaume Cote
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And the reversal !!: to reward university researchers that are keen to work with industry. Academic and scientific  "value" is measured mostly by publications and research grants (to conduct more research) whereby innovation is measured in dollars which ultimately should lead to prosperity. The translation from publications to innovation is not automatic. We need strong and well-funded university. But we need them more integrated into the innovation pursuit. If we would have a special fund drawn from existing resources in the granting councils to reward (in research chairs) academic scientists willing to support businesses innovate - one would actually see a change of behavior and perception vis-à-vis academics working closely with industry.

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