Encourage more plant-based agriculture and markets for organic plant-based foods

Question:Which market-based approaches encourage adoption of clean technologies?
on 07/27/2016







Growing foodstuffs, especially organic, is much healthier for the environment. Animal agriculture, on the other hand uses vast amount of resources including water, and land. It also contributes to deforestation since trees must be cleared to make way for more animal grazing. By comparison, plants require much less space and can feed, a comparatively larger number of people, without the toxic waste when chemicals are not employed.

The government should offer grants to encourage this type of farming, and promote farm to table companies which buy and market these products, either directly to the public or to local stores. Also, governments should be promoting and advertising the benefits of plant agriculture to the environment as well as to health (and even humane reasons).

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Barry Frain by Anonymous

There has been developments in vertical farming & even some innovation in the growing of plants in the north in domes.  We need to encourage this type of development since it can meet the goals of innovation and locally grown, reduce transportation costs and improve health of our indigenous people.  LED lighting, solar arrays, battery innovation & structure and heating challenges still need development but this type of innovation should be encouraged and supported.

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