Starting Them Young

Question:How can we increase demand for science, technology, engineering and math graduates?
on 07/26/2016







The time-tested method and process of nurturing young minds is the surest way to increase demand for STEM graduates. STEM graduates are a product of inquisitive, curious, motivated and highly-analytical minds. These minds should be nurtured and taken cared of at a very young age.

- Playground for children (e.g. building blocks and LEGO bricks) in covered public recreation areas should be provided for free so that parents can bring them there or anywhere where it can be accessed.

- Television programs on science and technology should occupy and be given enough airtime for children all-year long.

- Year-round training and recruitment of STEM teachers to nurture these young minds should be ramp up. Government funding for specially-gifted children in STEM subjects should be mobilized as well as for teachers' training.

From young age to high-school, intensive STEM (in my case, mathematics) should be developed in the individual's mind, provide enough competition at national and international level,motivational reward and recognition. Financial support, again, plays a great role to mold and create a scientific mind. By these, a "innovation culture" will be developed as a national image and part of way of life.

- A far-out idea but effective one is to recognize and construct statue honoring Canadian STEM heroes. These statues of scientists, engineers, mathematicians and technologists should be placed in central plaza or areas accessible and familiar to people, especially to children because their curiosity and inspiration will be developed upon knowing the stories of these STEM heroes and why they have these statues honoring them. 


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