Include Social Purchasing Values in all government procurement and infrastructure

Question:What more can be done to cement Canada's place as a leader in social entrepreneurship?
on 07/24/2016







Every purchase has an economic, social and environmental ripple effect! Insuring best value in purchasing means considering  the full cost and true impact created when government spends tax payer money on goods and services and infrastructure. Adding a social value into the mix of price, quality and environment will enhance the demand for social enterprise goods and services. A requirement for social value consideration in purchasing will lead private sector government contractors to implement stronger social values into their bids, often opening up sub-contract opportunities for social enterprises. See


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Paul Chamberlain by Paul Chamberlain

Although there is still a long way still to go in setting concrete targets, it has been good to see that  social purchasing is incorporated into the Ontario's new  light rapid transit plans in the GTA Similarly the City of Toronto has recently adopted a social procurement framework for purchasing through social enterprises that hire people with barriers to employment.

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Lars Boggild by Lars Boggild

There should definitely be a stronger consideration of a full perspective of value-for-money in procurement, expanding the current criteria towards social value.

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