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Question:How do we work together to equip youth with the right skills for the future economy?
on 06/23/2016







Today's youth 10-18 have grown up with technology in their hands.  We need Canadian youth to be producers of this technology not just mere consumers.  They need to be attracted and given the rights skills to become problem-solvers using technology.

There is evidence that this is working with Canadian success stories.  Two years ago a team of five girls from the University of Calgary won the prize for innovation in the world's largest tech entrepreneurship contest Technovation. Other cities have also participated:  Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver etc.

This early exposure to critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills and entrepreneurial skills to address local problems with technology is key for today's youth especially young girls, so that they feel empowered to be part of this innovative society we live in and contribute to diverse solutions.

My recommendation is to offer this three-month program - Technovation - (as an optional/spare course) in every school in every city and town and community centre and library so that young women today become tomorrow's innovators. 

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