Canadian IP Needs To Be More Accessible to Canadian Based Companies

Question:How do we make best use of our science and research strengths?
on 07/23/2016







Maximizing private sector experimenting or use of IP should be the goal. University research offices wrongfully jealously hang on to their IP like they are negotiating a deal of a life-time, the process shouldn’t be complicated to use their IP, they are public institutions, they should act in the benefit of the public. So should government developed IP. In more and more cases for universities, the IP itself is or should be in reality their loss-leader, not their high profit margin offering. An ongoing and growing business relationship with higher numbers of entrepreneurs and Canadian companies is how universities will be able to make a return on their IP, instead of on the IP itself. This trend should be helped further along. Maybe even condition or incentivize foreign companies to joint-venture with a Canadian company to use some Canadian university IP.

We should also decrease the legal and other costs associated with creating IP.

Focus strengths on tendencies or goals. Expanded Canadian space program, cyber security, robotics, living on water, Internet of Things, Big Data, genetics, renewable energy, whatever the tendencies are determined to be.

Make IP easily accessible (little or no upfront costs) to the Canadian private sector start-ups.

Offer guided access to research facilities to some start-ups for free. (Bringing private sector into research)

Encourage researchers to work part-time or for some time in the private sector, teaching fellow co-workers the knowledge and skills while working at the company, and then go back to research. (bringing research into the private sector)

Also, specifically encourage more new and existing Canadian based companies to use IP, and not to sell the company to foreign interests. Canadian companies are the ones that have the decision making authority in Canad and are the ones that will continue to use Canadian IP. Once a Canadian company is sold to a foreign company those decisions to use IP are also going to be transferred outside of Canada, thus it will become a much lower priority for the firm.

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