May as well go for Carbon Tax. Develop Opportunities for Municipalities

Question:Which market-based approaches encourage adoption of clean technologies?
on 07/23/2016







We already know the carbon taxes (preferred) and emissions trading. Ok so this question is referring to our opinions one these kinds of options

The government is currently negotiating with the provinces on the Carbon Tax, hopefully Saskatchewan comes around.

At first glance I would say try a few programs costs permitting, otherwise lean more toward the easier proven approaches (carbon tax) where there is less chance of manipulation or confusion. We know BC has has some success.

There are still obscene amount of losses in the distribution grids, and energy in industrial processes, and management of waste sectors, should be addressed more than they are.

We should definitely put a stop to these plans to buy US natural gas, (and worse, from fracking sources) , and instead buy cleaner Canadian natural gas. 

Charging people per volume of energy used but increasing the cost after a certain level although I am not sure how effective that is.

I would add that the Federation of Canadian Municipalities is in a good position to be able to contribute to the cause of municipalities adopting, sustainable practices, decentralized renewables or co-generation technologies, net-zero-emissions buildings, district heating/cooling. Some sort of plan where FCM could co-develop with researchers and companies some more innovative pilot projects possibly. The point is there are big opportunities for change at the community or municipal level, and this organization already has sustainable and green initiatives underway, let's help bring this to the next level, and whatever we invent and implement successfully by Canadian companies in Canadian municipalities, we should export and sell the technologies internationally.

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