Create a supportive environment for Social Enterprise

Question:What more can be done to cement Canada's place as a leader in social entrepreneurship?
on 07/16/2016







Social Enterprises, community based non-profit businesses that prioritize social impact, require a supportive environment in order to develop, grow, and scale.

  • Gov of Canada should insure that all SME business services are available to non-profit operated businesses - where already allowed then the appropriate services made available; where denied services then regulatory fix is required
  • Social value considerations and impact should be required element of all government purchasing and infrastructure investments
  • Appropriate financing opportunities and impact investment options need to be supported
  • Establish a supportive regulatory environment for non-profit enterprise activities - including clarifying charity based enterprise activity and non-profit revenue generation

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Christopher Bush by Christopher Bush

David, check out the NISP Canada program. In other countries it is a free service, and it is all about driving value by eliminating waste and wastefulness. It is the MOST social of enterprises, and will open doors for many.

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Michael Toye by Michael Toye

This is an area where big progress can be made to scale up inclusive innovation.  Several Canadian provinces already have social enterprise strategies to create a supportive environment, and countries like the UK have had enabling legislation and programs for years. 

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