Illustrate Vision; brand Canada as Innovative; Global Innovation Prize; Ideas Bank

Question:What more can be done to cement Canada's place as a leader in social entrepreneurship?
on 06/22/2016







Like any top athlete, successful businesswoman and leader, it takes belief and vision first and then courage. What does it look like to be the number one innovative country in the world? Illustrate, depict, demonstrate what this means with a strong narrative and video or Virtual Reality depiction. Artists/visionaries: show us the Canada we want in 20-30 years. Business community, academia, governments and problem solvers: show us how to get there. Ideas via crowdsource methods will flourish with the challenge and problem statement.

Brand Canada as the Innovation leader and innovative individuals, companies, investors, talent will be attracted to Canada and will want to be a part of this team. Innovation ambassadors, champions and mentees (in training as future innovation leaders) are titled as such to take on the role of fostering an innovative culture and promoting Canada Innovation.

Recognize and award innovation: Innovation Pulitzer or Nobel peace prize equivalent will bring the best of the best. A national competition should be held in lead-up to the international competition for the top prize, various age categories (youth and students included). Canada to host the global competition.

Sharing and Launching ideas: Platform and Courage We have ideas, but where do we place them and what do we do with them? Facilitate an idea board or ideas bank for Canadians to connect with companies or transition to start our own business. Further IP or patent free info service for Canadians to bring their ideas, receive funding support to patent. Services including mentoring to help a busy Canadian to share and make use of an idea would help.

Stay Innovative!  


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