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Question:How do we work together to equip youth with the right skills for the future economy?
on 07/04/2016







By giving young people easy access to expertise, guidance, coaching and peer communities with other entrepreneurs, we set people up for taking more action on their ideas. 

British Columbia is leading the charge in this regard with Futurpreneur Canada's free Rock My Business Plan series throughout the province (in partnership with the Provincial Government and RBC).



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Malcolm Embree by Anonymous

I am a little shocked at how convoluted it can be to find useful, well put together information on starting a business. The Gov Canada website regarding it is horrendous to navigate. I remember trying to find information on grants or something and it sent me on an endless loop within the website. "For more information on grants click here" - brings you to the landing page- "For specific information on grants click here"- brings you to a list of grants, find one you want info on, click it  and if brings you back to the original landing page. 

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