Integrated Gas Turbine Energy Solutions

Question:Which market-based approaches encourage adoption of clean technologies?
on 11/03/2016







The energy and environmental challenges involve several important aspects; problems of climate change and air pollution, the need for reliability and resiliency from extreme weather events, regional energy security, plus system efficiency, diversity and affordability.  Can we put all these objectives together in national strategy for heat, power, efficiency and transportation ? 

Many future energy and innovation opportunities are linked around conservation, renewables and efficient hydrogen-based natural gas systems. They can work together as reliable and complementary partners - all of these systems can help solve most of those objectives at once.   

Gas turbine energy systems (powered by high pressure air) can use a flexible combination of fuels in a diverse range of applications to provide efficient and clean thermal energy and power output in all sectors.  Research, education, training, energy integration and policy clarity can lead to the continued potential for these cleaner and reliable distributed energy systems across Canada.  Comprehensive and innovative energy solutions can form linkages among natural gas, renewable energy production and bio-energy.

Manfred Klein, Ottawa

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Credit: IAGT Industrial Gas Turbine Committee

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