Reduce Government spending by making University free for all

Question:How do we work together to equip youth with the right skills for the future economy?
on 10/31/2016







My idea is simple. Take government spending that is used on high enrollment courses in universities across Canada and create an online accredited course. After completing course material a student heads down to a government-run test facility to be properly identified and fill out an exam. If the exam is passed, then credit is given for no cost to the citizen. Low-enrollment courses could be rolled out as the program grows.

For example, statistics 101 is a common university course. Take the money that normally would be spent on 10,000s of students taking this course every year and develop a self-paced interactive impactful online statistics 101 course.  Support this course with a Q & A that is mainly community managed.  Some benefits I can think of would be as follows:

-Students learn at their own pace so they do not miss out on important concepts.

-Talented students can finish degrees faster.

-Reduced student debt.

-The course material will be presented by the top lecturers and be more current.

-Eliminate some commutes, parking, and textbook fees for students.

-Prospective students can try courses before committing to a full degree.

-Complete courses on any schedule or timeline meaning people who are employed can work towards a university degree.

-With free library computers and internet access, any Canadian can complete a university degree no matter their income.

-Immigrant Canadians can challenge courses they have taken in their previous country of residence.

-Courses can be taken casually by Canadians who are interested in a subject but not a degree.

-Eliminate entrance requirements.


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