An Integrated Inclusive Innovation Agenda

Question:How can Canada become the best country in attracting and developing talent?
on 10/27/2016







Successfully evolving Canada’s innovation system to generate inclusive growth and advance Canadians’ prosperity requires a concerted and comprehensive strategy integrating STEM, business and social innovation with coherent supports and platforms for co-creative innovation, incubation,market access, procurement, talent development, social financing and partnership building. Combining STEM, business, and social innovation leverages our national innovation assets in achieving inclusive innovation, reaping the benefits of inclusion as both a process and outcome of Canada’s innovation agenda.

Deploying an integrative strategy will mean federal funding and policy bodies accelerate:

  1. The integration of STEM, business and social innovation as the cornerstone of Canada’s Agenda, focusing innovation policy on achieving linked economic and social goals (shared value).
  2. A targeted plan to leverage social innovation as a mainstream practice of innovation and further develop the ecosystem of social innovators in response to core Government goals around reconciliation, youth leadership, the next economy, climate change etc.
Credit: Social Innovation Generation

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