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Question:Which market-based approaches encourage adoption of clean technologies?
on 10/19/2016







In residential construction, there are now more dollars spent each year on renovation than on new construction. When you consider that the 50% of Canada’s housing stock built before 1985 uses twice as much energy as the homes built since 1985, the most significant opportunity to encourage adoption of clean technologies (and in doing so, also address the Government’s climate change goals) in the residential sector is through renovation.

LEEP, for example, could be extended to renovation. The energy savings potential in renovation is much greater than in new construction, but the smaller enterprise size typical of the renovation sector, and the much greater variety of re‐construction issues and challenges to be faced, makes diffusion of new technology more difficult. LEEP offers an excellent and proven approach to addressing these barriers and accelerating market adoption of renovation innovations.

In a broader context, retrofitting existing buildings, infrastructure, and systems with clean technologies will widen their application and speed their adoption.

Credit: Canadian Home Builders' Association

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