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Failure as a training

Question:How can Canada become the best country in attracting and developing talent?
on 10/11/2016







Even the best businessmen will face setbacks. The BDC and federal government should  help all entrepreneurs even those who have failed in the past.The BDC should evaluate the projects by their merits and these projects would show the comeback-entrepreneurs have learned from the failures.The tax policy could help as well.

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by Anonymous

When an entrepreneurial endeavour is unsuccessful the leader of that endeavour should be registered with the government and tracked for future successes. If nothing else these individuals will have learned a great deal about how not to run a show. they are way ahead of newbies coming out of High School or College or University. Admittedly the more education you have the better prepared you are for many jobs. But education in School is not always the best preparation for the world of business.

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